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Pressed Glass and Goblets
Pressed Glass and Goblets

When you come to see us at a show, you can always expect to see a great selection of both American and Canadian Antique Pressed Glass made between 1840 to 1910, and Depression Era Glassware made between 1920 to 1960.  We also carry a small selection of blown Victorian and Georgian period glassware.

It is our goal to have a full selection of every form of tableware, including banana stands, compotes, cake stands, tumblers, spooners, creamers, celery vases, jelly compotes, vinegar cruets, syrup pitchers, fruit bowls, covered butter dishes, covered sugar bowls, breakfast sets, serving plates, oil lamps, water pitchers, children’s sets & pieces, children’s cakes and banana stands, toothpicks, wines, marmalades or jam jars, rose bowls, individual salt dips and cookie jars. With each piece of glass in our inventory, we have identified the pattern, dated and authenticated every piece.


We strive to provide the best selection of pressed glass goblets. At each show you will have an opportunity to view between 500 to 850 goblets depending on our recent acquisitions.

Some of the patterns we have frequently and continue to acquire are: “Canadian Drape or Garfield Drape”, “Canadian”, “Nova Scotia Starflower”, “Nova Scotia Crown”, “Diamond Medallion or Grand”, “Palmette”, “Princess Feather”, “Woodrow or Galloway”, “Loop and Pillar or Michigan”, “Baltimore Pear”, “Heart with Thumbprint”, “Moon and Star”, “Nova Scotia Grape and Vine”, “Nova Scotia Buttons and Bows”, “Chandelier”, “One Hundred One”, “Notched Bull’s Eye or Filly”, “Bleeding Heart”, “Three Face”, “Actress”, “Cord and Tassel”, “Fleur-de-lis”, “Paneled Thistle”, “St. Johns”, “Acorn”, “Barberry”, “Jubilee or Hickman”, “Wildflower”, etc.

We also carry a selection of bird and animal goblets such as, “Polar Bear”, “Cardinal”, “Flying Birds”, “Ostrich Looking at the Moon”, “Hummingbird”, “Flamingo”, “Frog and Spider”, “Owl and Fan”, “Birds at Fountain”, “Owl and Possum”, “Westward Ho”, “Lion”, “Square Lion”, “Elk and Doe”, “Thrush and Apple Blossom”, etc.

Occasionally an extreme rarity shows up in our display like the “Beaver Band”, “Pigs in Corn”, “Swimming Swan”, “Swan with Fish”, “Squirrel in Bower”. We even had a “Jumbo”, "Draped Window", "Horse, Cat and Rabbit" and "Portrait"! 

A large portion of the Goblets that we stock are in the $45.00 to $65.00 range (in Canadian Funds) and consist of both Canadian and American patterns. The patterns in this range include fruits, florals, elaborate designs, and a variety of patterns with squares, circles, stars and simple lines.

The majority of collectors find great pleasure in coming to our shows where they can choose their goblets from the hundreds we have on display, as well as a great selection of tableware in all categories.


In recent years, do to the changes in the generation of collectors, we are acquiring many of the collectable patterns in both clear and coloured Depression glass, circa 1920 to 1960.  The current trend in collecting is to collect for the function and use.  We carry this period of glass for many reasons.  Items from this period do offer forms that were never originally made during the Victorian period.  Items from the different periods blend nicely together, especially today when the decorating trends are very eclectic.  The Depression era glass is affordable and opens a whole new generation of collectors who want to collect and use, but at this point in life have other financial priorities and cannot afford the prices of original items.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with mixing and matching your glass collection, as long as you enjoy your pieces and understand the two different age periods.  Often, collectors who are using their glassware, need to consider items from the Depression era, as there isn't the availability from the pre-Victorian period, of what they need to entertain with.  The alternative is buying new, which is often still more expensive and just doesn't have the same appeal.   Such items include sets of plates in various sizes, brandy snifters, divided serving trays, gravy boats, sugar cube trays, napkin holders, handled cake plates, small butter dishes(rectangular shape), tilt pitchers, sandwich trays, stacking bowls, devilled egg plates, and lemon reamers, to name a few different forms.

Some of the popular Depression era patterns include "Manhattan", "Fostoria American", "Iris", "Windsor Diamond", "Sandwich" (Indiana, Anchor Hocking & Duncan & Miller), "Colony", "Candlewick" and "Waterford Waffle".

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Pressed Glass and Goblets