Pressed Glass and Goblets Pressed Glass and Goblets

Reproductions - An Educational Study

Pressed Glass and Goblets
Pressed Glass and Goblets

New Goblet 1st Introduced in the Reproduction Period



Introduced by the Westmorland Glass Company in the 1920's.  This was Westmorland's most successful pattern, and longest produced, having been made right up until the factory closed in 1985.  This pattern helped to keep Westmorland in business through the Depression era.  Majority of the items made were in clear glass, but various colours were made over time.  Colours include pink, milk glass, orange, black, turquoise, green, amber, blue, ruby stained, cobalt blue, purple opalescent, blue carnival, blue opaque,  lilac, ruby and milk glass with red trim.

The variety of items made in this pattern is endless.  Some of the unusual items made were the Chandelier, Electric Lamps, Trophy Vase, Brandy Snifter, Bath Salts Bottle, Lighter and a Shrimp Icer, to name a few.





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Pressed Glass and Goblets