Pressed Glass and Goblets Pressed Glass and Goblets

Reproductions - An Educational Study

Pressed Glass and Goblets
Pressed Glass and Goblets

ORIGINAL GOBLET IN       THE "EYEWINKER" PATTERN,   NAMED "CANNON BALL"                  - 1880's American          

- L.G. Wright, 1960's to 1970's




The goblet on the left named "Cannon Ball" is the Original goblet from the "Eyewinker" pattern.  It was named "Cannon Ball" by collectors after it's production ended. 

The goblet appearing on the right is the reproduction goblet in the "Eyewinker" pattern.  This goblet resembles the "Eyewinker" pattern appearing on the original  tableware.  Although this is a copy of the original "Eyewinker" pattern, it was the first introduction of a goblet in this design.

The L.G. Wright produced many different colours in the reproduction "Eyewinker" goblet, including Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Ruby Red & Vaseline.


The L.G. Wright Glass Company, in addition to the goblet, also produced a large number of tableware pieces in a variety of colours and modern forms.

Any coloured items are reproductions.  They are very thick and heavy in weight when compared to the original tableware pieces.

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