Pressed Glass and Goblets Pressed Glass and Goblets

A Commentary by Sean George ...

Pressed Glass and Goblets
Pressed Glass and Goblets

I would like to take this opportunity to renew my passion and dedication to authentic antique pressed glass!  As many of you already know, I have been specializing in the field of "Antique Pressed Glass" for over 25 years. 

Last year we saw many changes in collecting trends, and changes in what's popular for collecting now.  We have found over the past few years, as these trends have come, there has been a decline in the interest in certain collecting categories.  These new trends have begun to shape the future of collecting enthusiasts.  There have been many conversations and discouragement from both collectors and dealers in the antique world.  I can't say enough how upset I am with this negativity. 

Pressed Glass has remained one of the most popular antiques, as collecting began years before I began in this business, and I am confident will continue to be strong.  There are many reasons for this. 

First, pressed glass is very unique, and as there are so very many different patterns, it is something everyone can personalize by choosing patterns that appeal to their taste.  Along with this, it is simply very beautiful, and most impressive to share with guests for those special occasions, as well as casual affairs.  Ideally, those who collect continue to look for special pieces of which great pleasure and joy can be found by the simple beauty of those pieces.  Combined with the new trend of collecting is something that can be used and enjoyed, this is why Pressed Glass still is one of the most popular antiques to collect. 

Pressed Glass is very durable glassware.  In its first 30 years, pressed glass was used on a daily basis, with little thought of the value as it was simply your "everyday glassware".  Over 100 years later, these examples have survived, and in such great condition.  Think of all other items made over 100 years ago.  Now think of the condition of the items.  Compare this to the examples of glass that you have purchased over the past years, and the fantastic condition those examples are in.  New collectors are purchasing items that they have confidence in using so that these items can be fully enjoyed, all while they appreciate in value.  How many other antiques can do all this?  Most furniture of this period has already been repaired, restored or modified.  Jewelry from this period also needs repairing, as clasps, claws, links and bands, wear away in time.  China, when used, has cracked or discoloured the finish, reducing the value.  Silver, young people simply don't have the time to keep clean, or the desire to maintain. 

So what about glassware?  Ninety percent of my clients use their pressed glass, mainly on a weekly or daily basis.  Even those clients who purchased glass when I began selling antiques, continue to enjoy the items acquired back then.  Those items still look the same as the day they purchased them. 

Over the past few years as these new trends have come into the antiquing world, pressed glass has remained strong.  Every year there are more and more collectors.  So even as the trends have changed, glassware remains both popular and a strong part of the antique market.  Last year alone, my collections were featured in several newspapers and decorator magazines. 

All of these are the many reasons why we are confident that Pressed Glass will remain a favorite, for decades to come, as it has been this way throughout its entire history.  How many antiques can make such a statement, while using and enjoying, pressed glass continues to appreciate in value!


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Pressed Glass and Goblets