Pressed Glass and Goblets Pressed Glass and Goblets

Reproductions - An Educational Study

Pressed Glass and Goblets
Pressed Glass and Goblets
- circa 1880's, Burlington Glass Works, Hamilton, Ontario

1st Appeared in the late 1930's, by an Unknown Company.




  • Reproductions are heavier, thicker and lack crisp details of the originals.


  • The pattern in the bowl of the Original example, is crisp, with strong defined lines.  Comparing the Reproduction example to this detail, there are less sharp lines, which almost appear blotchy or blurred.
  • There is also a definate difference found in the stem and foot of each example.  At the bottom of the bowl, the thickness of the glass is much greater in the Reproduction, which makes these feel heavier.  The detail in the stem of the Reproduction, where there is a supposed to be facet knob stem, appears more like a poorly defined circle.


  • This pattern follows most of the other reproductions, in the fact that the colours of the two different periods, are different.  The original has a mellow colour, while the reproduction is a very vibrant colour, not typically of the Victorian period. 


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Pressed Glass and Goblets